The Toolkit for Atomic Habits

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Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life!

You are the oldest you have ever been and the youngest you will ever be.

If there was ever a time to bring about positive real change to your life, it is Today

“Habits are the compound interest of self-improvement."

Atomic Habits is the most insightful book that will come out in your lifetime.

But just reading the book won't help you.

You need to apply the lessons from the book to bring about any change to your life.

You need to use the Habit Scorecard, Implementation Intentions, the 2-minute rule, The Habit Tracker, and all the other fantastic tools mentioned in the book.

To build life-changing habits you need The Toolkit for Atomic Habits

This toolkit condenses the knowledge from the phenomenal book Atomic Habits and turns them into actionable insights that work for you right from Today!

True Habit change is Identity Change.

When you build good habits, you are casting votes for the kind of person you want to become, for the kind of identity you aspire to achieve.

Buying this toolkit is the first step towards that identity.

This is the first vote you will cast for the kind of person you want to become.

All knowledge withers away if not applied effectively.

Knowledge + Application = Wisdom

Knowledge + Inaction = Withered Knowledge

The Toolkit for Atomic Habits helps you turn the Knowledge of Atomic Habits, into The Wisdom of Atomic Habits.

It explains and helps deploy concepts such as--

  • Habit Scorecard
  • Implementation Intentions
  • Habit Stacks
  • Environment Design
  • Temptation Bundling
  • Social Cues
  • Power of Association
  • The 2 Minute Rule 
  • And More...

You can get this toolkit directly in your inbox and start working with it right now!


What You Get👇

Option 1 - The Toolkit for Atomic Habits

The Toolkit contains 10+ tools from the book Atomic Habits in 3 formats:

1. Beautifully Designed & Printable 48 page PDF - You can print this and use the tools in physical form. This includes original illustrations available nowhere else on the planet.

2. Google Sheet - You get access to an exclusive google sheet link, you can make a copy of it for your own personal use and apply the tools in spreadsheet format

3. Notion Dashboard - You get access to an exclusive, interactive Notion Dashboard just for you. You can duplicate it in your workspace and apply the tools through Notion.

Option 2 - Everything in Option 1 + The Wisdom of Atomic Habits E-Book

The Wisdom of Atomic Habits is an exclusive ebook we wrote that condenses all the best insights and tips from Atomic Habits and brings them together in one place.

It reduces your reading time from 4 hours to 37 minutes (yes we timed it!)

It's a 43 Page PDF available for instant download. Full of beautifully designed original illustrations available nowhere else on the planet.

Option 3 - Everything in Option 1 + 30 min Zoom Call with Us

We are Ayush & Aditi - The team behind The Wisdom Project

We have transformed our own lives with the lessons of the book Atomic Habits and also helped hundreds of our clients do the same.

In this 30 min call, we will share the exact step-by-step process to use the Toolkit and apply the habits you wish to include in your life. 

If you have any doubts before the purchase, feel free to message directly on Twitter and have a chat


People are Loving The Toolkit for Atomic Habits

"I'd been wondering for months how I was going to put all the wisdom in Atomic Habits to work. Ayush and his Wisdom Project gave me the toolkit I need. It's the perfect companion to the book. Thanks, Ayush!" -- Eddie Knight

"Phenomenal Resource -- Exactly the thing I was looking for, the perfect cheat sheet for Atomic Habits. The Workbooks and illustrations are so helpful. Thanks a ton for making this" -- Pranav Gupta


Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life! Don't let it go to waste.

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Price Updates👇


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Update  March 14th, 2021👉 Prelaunch Sale Ended!


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48 Page beautifully designed & illustrated PDF Toolkit + Notion Page you can duplicate and use everyday + Google sheet to deploy the tools to build Atomic Habits and change your life! + 40 page Free e-book that condenses The Wisdom of Atomic Habits + Optional -- 30 Min Zoom call with us to help you jumpstart your journey of Atomic Habits

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The Toolkit for Atomic Habits

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