7 Habits of Highly Effective Tweeple - The Wisdom Of Twitter

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1. Unlock Value

2. Build Stuff

3. Focus on the "Why"

4. Engage

5. Write well

6. Use tools

7. Detox

👆 These are the 7 Habits of highly effective Tweeple.

You can learn and apply these lessons in your own Twitter journey.

I wrote this book after I learned so much from observing and analyzing my favorite people on Twitter.

I've benefitted from Twitter so much, It's insane!

I was able to quit my full-time job, become a freelance consultant doing what I love every day with an empty calendar and no alarm clocks.

I get consulting and freelance opportunities almost every day. Most I have to say no to.

Coz I'm building my newsletter and agency business on the side as well.

And most of all, I've been building a network of like-minded people on Twitter who just "get" me. Who I can call up when I feel a bit low in life, or want to learn about a specific topic, or just brainstorm a few ideas.

These are real human relationships, the most fulfilling thing you build in your life!

And I've been able to do that by using Twitter right!

Also -

Along the way, I've grown to more than 3600 followers in the last 9 months. When I started I had less than 600!

It's been a transformative journey for me. Twitter has literally changed my life.

And everything I do every day on the platform is in this book. You can learn it all in a couple of hours on your phone.

This will especially help you if you're starting out and have less than 1000 followers. This book will help you get your Twitter strategy right, for any goal that you might have.

Tell me, do you want to up your Twitter game?

This E-Book is the definitive guide to get the most out of Twitter.

Do you see Twitter as a toxic platform? Do you feel afraid that whatever you say on Twitter, can be,  and will be used against you?

Even if you're just scrolling through it, do you feel like Twitter only adds anxiety to your life and just want to give it up?

Let me tell you, you've been using Twitter all wrong.

Do you know that there are people monetizing their creativity here, collaborating with the coolest people in the world, and even using the platform as a university?

Heck, Miami's Mayor is leveraging Twitter to invite entrepreneurs to invest in his city. And guess what, he actually succeeded in getting Elon Musk to build underground tunnels in Miami!

That's better than any "investor summit" or "conference" governments can do.

The Core Point of this book is this👇

These people are using the platform to its full potential, using it for what it can be.

They are using it effectively.

Twitter is the platform of the future. It is where information changes hands today, it is where money will change hands tomorrow.

This book curates and distills the Wisdom of the most effective people on Twitter.

Being an "Effective Tweeple" means using Twitter for a specific, tangible goal you have in mind.

Effective Tweeple fall into the following 3 categories👇

1. Creators - finding, growing & leveraging an audience. Looking for their "1000 true fans"

2. Networkers - Looking to collaborate with fellow like-minded people on Twitter.

3. Consumers - Using Twitter as a university - Learning from the best, doing their own "Twitter MBA"

All three categories have their own habits, strategies & tactics to use Twitter.

This book collates these habits and tactics in an easily digestible and actionable format.

You can use it to up your Twitter game right from Day 1!


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7 Habits of Highly Effective Tweeple - The Wisdom Of Twitter

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