Mental Models for Busy Professionals

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Why Mental Models matter 🧠

The best in the world are not the ones who know the facts and figures, but those who can make sense of them to improve their perspective and subsequently their decision making.

Mental models are how we make sense of what we see and observe.

They are the lens through which we observe the world.

If you want to see something clearly, you need to get a better lens.

But the lens you use will depend on the object you want to see:

  • A telescope to look at the stars
  • A microscope to look at microorganisms.
  • And a lens for everything in between.

Mental models are like that.

They are the lens through which you look at the world.

Depending on the problem you want to solve, or the decision you want to take, you will need to use a specific mental model.

Most of the content around mental models is geek-speak - meant for wall street and not for the man on the street.

Making sense of all of that heavy content is too consuming.

Not everyone has that kind of time in today’s world.

This is the problem we are attempting by writing a book about mental models ourselves.

It is simple, crisp, and to the point.

And it will cover the most essential mental models busy folks need to know to make 10X decisions in life.

Introducing Mental Models for Busy Professionals.

Mental models that will help you make better decisions in the areas that matter - Health, wealth, and relationships.

Check it out, you can pay whatever you want to get it.

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5 Mental Models for Busy Professionals to make better decisions for health, wealth and relationships.

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$9.99 $4.99

Mental Models for Busy Professionals

1 rating
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